The Dov Earrings are not only elegant - evoking ethereal femininity and romance, but are also an incredibly versatile accessory. You can wear the Dov Earrings in 4 different ways: you can leave them as plain studs, you can let the chain loosely hand on the back of your ear, you can loop the chain over your earlobe, or you can attach the chain to another piercing on your earlobes. This versatility gives you room to play and style yourself in a modern way that still looks classy and timeless.


This feminine accessory was designed by Dov and is made from recycled sterling silver, so you can accessorize your looks without harming the planet. Dov is proud to partner with Forest Planet; we are committed to planting a tree for every piece you purchase to help offset our carbon emissions.


Material: Recycled Sterling Silver and 18K Gold plating.

Dov Earrings